Top 10 Beautiful Women from Kazakhstan

Women from Kazakhstan are some of the sexiest, feminine, and educated women in all of Eurasia. An incredibly beautiful mix of Russian, Asian, and Mongol descent, these women are extremely sophisticated, and are sure to blow you away with their looks.

Often with a petite, Asian influence, Kazakh women are some of the most adorable women known to man, with outgoing, witty personalities and a strong desire to further educate themselves and pursue a meaningful career. Kazakh women take great care of their physique, and dress to impress.

These Kazakh women often have dark brown hair, dark eyes, and incredibly outgoing, positive attitudes.

The other most common attributes of Kazakh women, are those which are influenced by Russian decent. Because of this, they are typically quite tall, have pale skin, a higher jaw line, super sexy lips, and maintain an incredible taste in both fashion and appearance.

Kazakh women are some of the world’s most exotic, desirable women by men, and many have gone on to be popular models, actresses, and more.

From Russian to German, Turkish, and Ukrainian, Kazakh women are often multilingual, so if you bring to the table even basic Russian, or a willingness to learn, you’re in good hands!

Let’s check out the Top 10 most hottest and successful Kazakhstan women!

simple but lovely woman

1) Aina Alieva – Aina is an Uzbek model of Kazakh origin, with an incredibly seductive body, mesmerizing dark brown eyes, and a physique that puts her in the top sexiest Kazakh women on earth!

Aine was born in August of 1988, has a one of a kind smile, and is sure to sweep you off your feet. Aina is what we’d call a “textbook” look that you’ll find in Kazakhstan, and will bring to life all of your dreams and fantasies of what happens when you get a Eurasian mixed beauty!

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2) Zhanna Zhumaliyeva – Zhanna is one of the most breath-taking Kazakhstan girls you’re likely to ever meet or see in your life. She has incredibly sexy, long black hair, a sparkling white smile, and a very bubbly, passionate, and charismatic personality.

It should be no wonder that she has become an international icon for Kazakhstan, winning the Miss Kazakhstan contest and even being rated as the Top Model in several other national and international beauty pageants.

At 5”10, beautiful, and elegant, it should be no mystery how she also managed to win the Miss World contest. An inspiration for all women of Kazakhstan, Zhanna is a personable, professional, and very sweet woman that carries herself with both respect and class.

seductive look of a woman

3) Zhanar Dugalova – A gorgeous face and pop icon to Kazakhstan, Zhanar is originally from Kyzylorda, Kazakhstan. She is a gorgeous beauty with long, dark, princess-like hair, and obvious Asian heritage and style.

She has won several competitions as a pop-singer, and is originally a member of the Kazakh pop group KeshYou. She recently started her very own solo singing career and has experienced both great success and popularity all accross Kazakhstan.

Zhanar is extremely talented, and has produced major singles as recently as 2014. Zhanar is admired for both her melodic, natural singing voice and of course her outrageously attractive looks.

Zhanar is especially popular in Russia, has performed several solos there, and continues to produce music today, with her most recent and popular solo “Ayita Bersin”, released in 2015.

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4) Madina Saduakasova – Originally from the all popular Almaty, Kazahkstan, Madina is a famous Kazakh pop singer that’s risen to fame and continues to perform for audiences internationally.

She has won multiple competitions, and stands as one of the most successful, popular, and undoubtedly beautiful faces of Kazakhstan!

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5) Assem Zhaketayeva – Born in 1992, Assem is a local Kazakh superstar, rising to fame from a combination of both her talents as an actress, as well as a much loved pop-singer who performs for shows today throughout Kazakhstan, Russia, and Ukraine.

She is extremely popular, has an enormous following on VK, and gives the word elegance a whole new meaning. Her modeling shoots are always classy, and she has an astounding taste in antique jewelry.

By all means an original fashion model, Assem is extremely popular and as far as we know still single and available – gentlemen!

beautiful woman wearing orange top with jacket

6) Arujan Djazilbekova  – A winner of the all popular Ford Models Supermodel of the World Contest, Arukan has rocked the competition with her very intelligent demeanor, breathtaking looks, and great confidence.

She represents and pleases her native Kazakhstan with her many talents both on screen and behind the microphone.

A continuing familiar face on the big screens, Arujan aspires to star in major Kazakh films, and ultimately one day make it to Hollywood!

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7) Aliya Telebarisova – Aliysa is both a very popular, talented singer and actress that has had multiple starring roles in popular Kazakh films.

She starred In100Gram back in 2012, and continues to work on strengthening her acting career while expressing a committed interest to take her acting career to the next level.

She has a very seductive look to her, and while innocent, she definitely has a more sexy side, and isn’t afraid to show her body off on the big screen!

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8) Madina Saibulatova – Madina Saibulatova is not a name to be underestimated or messed with. She’s got a rockin’ body and although may look innocent, definitely knows how to strut her stuff.

From Fashion Model of The World, to Miss Tourism of 2014, she continues to represent her native home Kazakhstan with great pride! She has also become a globally recognized supermodel as of 2015.

With a very elegant, precious look to her and obvious Asian heritage it’s no wonder she’s got the right moves, looks, and beautiful smile to bring her to the top of success both onscreen and off.

simple-woman with a sweet smile

9) Saltanat Bekjigitova – Extremely beautiful and very talented, Saltanat has a reputation for winning Miss Almaty, Miss Kz, and other Top Model of Asia fashion shows and modeling contests.

She also has a starring role in the current popular Kazakh show “Revue”, and is paid a generous salary by the NTK network.

She continues to advance her modeling career, experiences, and has a strong dedication to acting as well as learning the violin.

lady in black

10) Asel Akbarova – Reigning from Almaty, Kazakhstan, Asel is a gorgeous, talented woman with a strong sense for fashion, and is currently even a host on the Kazakh TV channel.

She has been rated by Kazakhstan on more than one occasion as the most beautiful, female TV-presenter, and is currently pursuing a major acting career, as well as considering modeling!

Albeit her current modeling history and experience is limited, she continues to pursue small contract opportunities and has publicly expressed her desire to travel, study, and gain other acting or TV hosting experience around the world!

With her beauty, smarts, and witty personality it’d by no means surprise us if she one day made it to the big-screen! If looks are any caliber of success in Hollywood, then she’s got the best of both worlds and you’ll be seeing her in no time!