How to Date Exotic Kazakh Girls!

  • 6 Reasons to Date a Kazakhstan Woman

    Thinking about marrying a Kazakh beauty? Kazakhstan singles are winning popularity with westerners. They seem to be a perfect complement for a guy looking toRead More

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  • The Most Beautiful Girls in the World – Beautiful Kazakh Girls

    Kazakhstan is one of the Turkish states, but who knew that this is Eastern Europe place was the home of some of the most beautifulRead More

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A Guide to Kazakh Dating

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If you want to meet a truly exotic beauty then you will want to try Kazakh Dating. Kazakhstan is where the East meets the West in a delightful mix that produces women who have both the long, legged beauty of Eastern European girls combined with the dark and sultry looks of Asia.

Kazakhstan lies between central Asia and Eastern Europe. It is also the 9th largest country in terms of land mass. Bordering Kazakhstan is China, Russia and Uzbekistan. It is a true melting pot which has combined to form some of the loveliest beauties on the globe.

In terms of body shape and facial features your typical Kazakhstan lady is Eastern European in appearance however their hair and skin tone tend to be more oriental.  That said you can also find both blondes and brunettes, girls who are more Asiatic in appearance and those who appear more Nordic all within the borders of this country. No matter what your preference is you will likely find your match in Kazakhstan.

Another great feature of the Kazakhstan ladies is their bodies. Thanks to a traditional diet that keeps them trim most Kazakhstan woman are trim and athletic in appearance. These are woman who have not yet been ruined by western diet or any of the other modern vices.

One more interesting feature of Kazakhstan is its surprisingly open and liberal culture. Women from Kazakhstan are not sexually conservative and are open to the idea of casual fun. If you visit the city you may be surprised by the number of bars and clubs and active dating scene which exists. This contrasts with some of their neighbouring countries where the women tend to be much more conservative in their outlook.

Kazakhstan women are also noted for their great personalities. They tend to make excellent brides and girlfriends as they are caring and gentle by nature. If you are a genuine guy who treats his woman right then you will have no problem finding an attractive and loving partner in this country.

If you are looking for a new love in your life then Kazakhstan is an excellent place to start. With its wide variety of different types of beauties no matter what you are looking for in women you will be able to find it here. Also because Kazakhstan is a little more removed than some of the other international dating locations you will find that as a western man you will be in hot demand here.

6 Reasons to Date a Kazakhstan Woman


Thinking about marrying a Kazakh beauty?

Kazakhstan singles are winning popularity with westerners. They seem to be a perfect complement for a guy looking to get married or a serious relationship. If you are dating an Eastern European woman, or thinking about it, take a look at this article. You will definitely know after reading that Kazakh women are a great choice while looking for a girl from overseas to get married to.

  1. Sexy and beautiful. Kazakh girls are well known along the world for being extremely beautiful people. In general, they belong to the white European race and have classic features. They have all kind of hair and eyes color. There are a variety of flavors and colors Kazakhstan. Most of these women look like models from Sport Illustrated Magazine –it is unbelievable. I guess when you take a look at the pictures and see these hotties; you would think they were out of your league.
  2. Cook delicious. Cooking still matter to women in Kazakhstan and they love it. These girls have been trained by their mothers and grandmothers in the culinary arts. You will be able to taste different delicious meals everyday, all day. You will be amazed with the variety of dishes they can elaborate to please you. They can make you a gourmet breakfast, lunch and dinner; you will be surprised with the entire flavor this girl is going to bring to your life. They will not complain about cooking because they love it.
  3. Educated and polite. These single girls tend to speak two or three languages minimum. Most popular languages are Ukrainian, Russian and English. They get very decent education on high school, and most of them have diploma or a degree. Kazakhs are very polite and traditional people, they are respectful and considered with other ones. They like to study and they would like to keep learning all the time, and they like educated people as well. They appreciate manners and politeness on a man.
  4. Loyal and dedicated to home. Very loyal girls and very dedicated to the man they chose to marry. Kazakh society has strong family values. They care for their family and home, giving always special treat and respect to man. Family orientated and caring orientated. They like housekeeping activities and combine them with successful careers and studies. They please their man in home and in bed.
  5. Like to Work. They like hard working and taking care of their families. They have no Kazakh Girl with Gorgeous Eyesproblems with work and help you to pay the bills. This without forgetting about the house duties they will always do for you. They dream to have a career, studies and make money. They do not expect for a man to pay for them all life and they would love to help you to pay for a loan. They like to feel useful and they are very caring with their family. They work hard to bring money and happiness to a home.
  6. Open to changes. They have open minds open to changes and new challenges. They are open to move to your country and learn about your lifestyle, even to learn a new language. They are very respectful and tolerant with different people and situations. They are ready to change small details in order to please you. They will listen carefully to all your suggestions and they will remember. They adapt very fast and very well to changes by being proactive and honest.

Getting a Kazakh wife is guaranteed love and care in the house. You will feel the smell of delicious food as soon as you get into your house. You will have everyday in your home someone to love and a partner to enjoy life calmly.

The Most Beautiful Girls in the World – Beautiful Kazakh Girls


Kazakhstan is one of the Turkish states, but who knew that this is Eastern Europe place was the home of some of the most beautiful women in the world?

Kazakhstan women are considered to be the best choice when it comes to those men that are interesting in an mail-order bride.  Just What Makes Kazakh Girls So desirable?   Gentlemen, let’s take a closer look at these exotic beauties to see just what makes them so special.

Unique beauty:  Whether it is dark hair and dark eyes or lighter skin with blond hair, Kazakh women are a combination of Asian and European genetics.  How did this wide range of features come about?  Kazakhstan was under Russian control, and they ruled with an iron fist.

Naughty Beautiful Kazakh GirlRussia encouraged people from all walks of European countries to settle in Kazakhstan.  This is why there are women with both dark hair and light hair here; Kazakhstan was a giant melting pot for almost every European country at one time or another.

Physical appearance:  This may sound strange, but women from Kazakhstan take great pride in how they look.  You will never find a more physically fit woman than one who calls Kazakhstan home.

Exercising and staying in great shape is something every woman in Kazakhstan is interested in, perhaps even a little obsessed about.   Kazakhstan women are considered slim yet curved with shapely hips and beautiful legs.

Ideal brides:  Kazakhstan girls have a strong sense of family and marriage.  They believe in traditional roles, a man to provide for them, while women they take care of the home and any children that may come along.  Looking for a woman that feels her place is in the home?  Kazakh girls may be exactly who you are looking for, someone you can make a home and family with.

Religious beliefs:  It is important to mention that Kazakhstan is over seventy percent Muslim, which means then that the percentage of women that are Muslim as well is pretty high.  The other thirty percent of the women in the country are Christian.  If you are not Muslim, and don’t mind what religion your Kazakh beauty is, than there should be no problems at all.

Men from other countries:   Are you seriously considering getting involved with a Kazakh girl, but you are afraid of what she may think of you because you are from another country? Kazakhstan is not the greatest economically, but that is slowly changing so the fact you are from another country will look very appealing to a Kazakh girl.  You represent a chance to leave a poor country, and a chance at a better life, so it won’t be that hard to impress a Kazakh girl.

Kazakhstan is part of the Turkish nation, and they have some of the most beautiful women in the world.  A typical Kazakh woman may have light to dark hair and light to dark skin, and they are the product of a unique combination of Asian and European genetics.  If you are interested in a stunning physically fit woman with strong traditional and religious beliefs, than a Kazakh girl may be the bride you are looking for!


Kazakhstan Girl


Indian Republic Turned 60

Every year January 26 is a date all Indians living in India as well as all over the world celebrate to salute the fore fathers who fought for our freedom and the constitution made by Indians for the Indians.

Generally, the Republic Day is celebrated in the National Capital, New Delhi with a parade witnessed by the President of India with a invited Head of State from any friendly country of the world.

For the Republic Day of 2009 Kazakhstan President, Nursultan Nazarbayev was the Chief Guest.

It is indeed a gesture of great recognition of the high status of friendly relations between the two nations.

In fact, Kaakhstan strongly supported India at the Nuclear Suppliers Group (NSG) meeting in 2008 which allowed New Delhi to resume full civil nuclear cooperation with the international community.

India needs to demonstrate the power of democracy in Republic India to the world every year.

All newspapers and TV channels wrote and showed the achievements and the challenges faced by the Republic during the past year(s).

It is customary to honor some chosen civilians of importance in various fields of specialty by awarding Padma Vibhushan, Padma Bhushan and Padma Sri depending on their contributions. 

For the defense personals there are awards like Ashoka Chakra and Kirti Chakra.

Mostly uniformed individuals for their most conspicuous act of bravery or an act of daring or a pre-eminent act of valor or self-sacrifice away from the battle field were honored with these two awards.

Some of such awards are given posthumously because the individuals invariably might have sacrificed their lives for the safety of the Nation.

I saw a number of passport size photographs in newspapers with their names and also the type of award they got.

Some of the faces were familiar to me whereas some were not.

These awardees are selected from the length and breadth of the country and the awards are an approval to their contributions and also an encouragement for doing more in their own fields so that the country gets the benefits.

There were 10 Padma Vibhushan, 30 Padma Bhushan, 93 Padma Sri, 11 Ashoka Chakra and 13 Kirti Chakra awardees during 2009.

Some of the names familiar to me in the category of Padma Vibhushan were: Sundarlal S. Bahuguna, noted environmentalist, G. Madhavan Nair, Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) Chief, Anil Kakodhar, Chairman of Atomic Energy Commission, Sister Nirmala, Superior General of Mother Teresa’s Missionaries.

Among the 30 Padma Bhushan awardees, Sekhar Gupta, journalist; D Jayakanthan, writer; Ramachandra Guha, writer; Abhinav Bindra, Sports; Sam Pitroda, administrator; were familiar names.

Among the Padma Sri awardees, Aishwarya Rai, M. S. Dhoni, Habhajan Singh and  Vivek were some of the familiar faces.

Hemant Karkare, Ashok Kamte, Vijay Sahahdev Salaskar and Sandeep Unnikrishnan were the ones posthumously selected for Ashoka Chakra the highest gallantry award.

Others were also equally heroic in their duty, but they were the unknown heroes for me.

Republic day is a happy occasion with a tinge of sadness.

Republics can not survive without losing some of our valiant uniformed and civilian personalities for keeping the country safe in these days of terrorism.

So we have to bear and remember those departed souls during every Republic day.

The President of India in her address to the Nation on the eve of Republic day mentioned mainly the decisive action against terrorism and the economic showdown.

Also she touched upon the social issue of girl child for gender equality.

In this regard she announced that January 24 from this year onwards will be celebrated as ‘National Girl Child Day.’

Gender fight continues even after 60 years of our own rule.

We will remember for years that the Republic day 2009 kept the Prime Minister Dr. Manmohan Singh away from all functions.

He was admitted at AIIMS for cardiac surgery and showing improvement in his health by God’s grace.

The surgeons reported that the Prime Minister will be back to work within a fortnight.

Still the regular traditional celebrations at the National and State level went on without trouble.

The role of the Prime Minister in the Republic Day function was given to Mr. A. K. Antony, the Defense Minister.

Students from the primary to College level celebrated either in their schools or colleges in the presence of their teachers who made speeches and hoisted National Flag and distributed sweets to all those who participated in these functions.

Colonies, Clubs and other organizations did similar functions on the Republic Day.

“We the people of India having solemnly resolved to constitute India into a Sovereign socialist secular democratic republic and to secure to all its citizens:

Justice, social, economic and political;

Liberty of thought, expression, belief, faith and worship;

Equality of status and opportunity; and to promote among them all

Fraternity assuring the dignity of the individual and the unity and integrity of Nation.”

This passage is part of the preamble of our Constitution of India.

The Constitution of India came into force and India declared itself as ‘Republic’ on

26 January 1950, a date thereafter celebrated annually as Republic Day in India.

Therefore it is necessary for every citizen of India to remember or read the preamble of our Constitution on this important day of celebration.

I do not know how many of us who celebrated the Republic day this year know what is said in our Constitution at least in the preamble.

Instead of keeping the photographs of our political leaders who are not permanent, we should inscribe in every Government office, school and college the preamble our Constitution which should find a permanent place in our hearts.

Long live our Republic!

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